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Inspire your record keeping skills with a better understanding of what constitutes a record and the important role of each record in relation to USPAP compliance, conformity to client expectations, and dispute resolution.

  • Record Keeping Compliance

  • Problem Identification Records

  • Scope of Work Records

  • Data Collection Records

  • Analysis Records

  • Reconciliation Records

  • Communication of Assignment Results Records

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“Good, straightforward education & information!”

Tom S.

“This course is awesome! There's a ton of good and useful information. It should be required for all appraisers in Colorado.”

Erin S.

“Good class.”

Matthew G.

“The information presented was very informative. This is a great course. ”

Scott W.

“Really good course. Well presented.”

Eric T.

“One of the best online courses I've taken.”

Christopher W.

“Good and useful refresher data collection for work file related expectations and requirements.”

Gregory F.

“Good course.”

Rodger F.

“Short and clear.”

Maksym M.

“A good course to assist me in my work.”

James B.

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